To give students more hands-on experience that beyond their traditional engineering curriculum, spread robotics knowledge that combines with deep mathematics and train students to have project management skills, the Robotics Institute has following educational initiatives.


ENTR 4000B Critical Steps to Successful Technology Startup

3 credits [2:3:0]

Thursdays 14:00-16:50

This course is intended for students who want to pursue hands-on technology entrepreneurship.  We will work with students to identify critical steps and  important milestones associated with each step towards building a successful technology startup.  These include team building, market identification and research, product ideation, technology and supply chain evaluation and finally rapid prototyping all within a lean product and business development cycle.


Company visits, field trips, trade shows and deep interactions with serial entrepreneurs will be arranged.  Students with good performance in the course are recommended to incubation program with seed funding to realize major goals set forth in the business plan and eventually to kick-off their own startups.


Piloting in 2018 is a collaborative series of joint online seminars and joint project opportunities with students form UC Berkeley.  Students will travel together in a field trip to SZ & DG to learn more about the manufacturing ecosystem and participate in hardUST 2018.


UG and PG students from all disciplines are welcome to apply through  20 students will be accepted.  Looking for students with passion to take on a journey of startup, hands-on experience with prototyping and commitment to success!


Highlights from 2017

Student Competitions

The Robotics Institute will organize and support UG and PG students to form teams to participate in selected major international Student Robotics Competitions, continuing the educational activity as in the past. A suitable competition is to be chosen from the following potential events.



RoboMasters (July, each year)
Amazon Picking Challenge at IEEE ICRA (May-June, each year)
Cybathlon ETH (October 2016)
DRAPA Flying Insect Drones (January 2016)
RoboSoft Grand Challenge (April 2016)
MBZIRC, Abu Dhabi (Fall 2016)


Outreach Programs

The Robotics Institute will organize and support outreach programs for local school students, including summer schools and participations in international robotics competitions. In particular, an opportunity is identified with the highly-acclaimed US FIRST Robotics Competition for HK school students.

Summer Schools


RI Summer School FIRST Robotics Competition:
South China Region (incl. HK & Macao) Competition