Intelligent Transportation Robot

Our research project focuses on the design and development of a portable and intelligent transportation robot. The robot follows an integrated architecture: from the mechanical to the motor design, from the circuit to the control algorithm implementation.


To realize portability, the size and weight need to be restricted without affecting the maneuverability. Therefore on the one hand we are trying to scaling the robot, and on the other hand, we are developing a revolutionary operation method. The robot detects and calculates the user’s attitude information by multiple sensors, and move freely according to the user’s attitude. Other operation methods, such as remote control and voice control, are also under consideration.


The intelligence makes the robot more than just a transportation tool. It could avoid the obstacle by proximity sensor and detect the ramp by inertial devices. To ensure safety, the robot autonomously adjusts the speed and limits the acceleration, and it could also timely brake upon incident. A camera is placed in the front of the robot to record videos, and to recognize and follow the user. We are also developing the mobile application for the robot, which displays the robot status and location, and allows more interactions with the robot and other users.


Figure 8. An example of portable intelligent transportation robots


Students in charge: Kun HUANG, Di ZHANG


Smart Manufacturing