Prof. Wang invited talk at Esquel Group’s Annual Business Conference

Prof. Wang was invited by the Esquel Group – HK-based global textile and apparel manufacturer with a vertically-integrated supply chain that straddles from cotton to retailing – to speak at their Annual Business Conference at GaoMing on Jun 24, 2016.  Prof. Wang and Dr. Leung were then shown the impressive operations through a factory tour seeing their own customized automation at work from yarn spinning to garment production.  The company’s dedication to innovation and social responsibility is particularly notable.  The Robotics Institute look forward to closer research collaboration with the Esquel Group in support of the automation of the HK garment industry.

Below is a thank you message from Esquel Group to Prof. Wang.

It was a great honor to have Prof. Michael Wang from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to share with us some insights about robotics. In a presentation entitled “A New Era in Robotics – Now and Future”, he talked about what robot is today as well as the trends, barriers and future of robotics. In the case sharing, he showed us some robot application cases in different industries and service sectors such as medical development, automobile manufacturing, etc. It was such an inspiring learning experience for us!